Conference Speakers


Alison Haddad


Alison Haddad is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner currently seeing adults and children at AllHealth Network. In 2021, she cofounded the Mac Parkman Foundation to raise awareness of Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and adolescent suicidality. 

Alison will be sharing the latest information on how recurrent head trauma affects developing brains and mental health in young people and it's implications on mental health and suicidality. 



Melanie is a Nurse Practitioner currently working at NovaMentis PC. Prior to becoming an advanced practice nurse, Melanie as a nurse scientist and assistant professor for University of Colorado. 

Melanie will be presenting on the intersection of legislation and practice for psychiatric advanced practice nurses. 



Dr. Finn is a professor and Chair Faculty Development Committee at Regis University. Dr. Finn has a wealth of experience in the clinical setting, academia and public speaking. 

Dr. Finn will be presenting on Human Trafficking and highlighting information and resources for healthcare providers.


Wayne Thrash


Wayne is the owner of Thrive Rx where he works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Prescriber in private Practice. Wayne utilizes both pharmacologic and behavioral interventions in his practice. 

Wayne is presenting on the integration of Polyvagal Theory and The Safe and Sound Protocol in his practice for the successful treatment of mental health.


Gail Dawson


Gail has been practicing integrative psychiatry for 11 years in Colorado and now online. She seeks to understand the underlying causes of illness, which led her to become dually certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  Her interests lie in hormone disruption, mold and toxin exposure, and causes of autoimmune disease.  

Gail and her partner Dr. Mary Rondeau, N.D, RH(AHG) will be presenting a case study on folate receptor antibodies in Autism and Schizophrenia.



Dr. Dow is currently treating mental health as well as substance abuse disorders in adults has done tremendous work in the treatment of individuals with severe opioid use disorder and has been a founding member and leader for the Medication Assisted Treatment program at AllHealth Network.

Dr. Dow will be presenting on her experience as an early adopter of Sublocade, buprenorphine extended-release injections in her practice. 


Briana Kohlbrenner                                                


Briana is a passionate social worker and community developer currently working as Assistant Project Director at Colorado Center For Nursing Excellence where she previously serviced as Dementia Education Coordinator.

Brian will be presenting on important information about aging populations and dementia.